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Probate and Estate Sales: Your one stop-shop.

The Ruhl Team has been helping estates sell properties here in the San Diego County for over a decade. We’re familiar with how estates and probate sales work so we are uniquely positioned to create a seamless one stop shop that can bring you through the process A to Z and most importantly net the estate as much money as possible from the sale. In addition to top notch real estate representation, we're able to offer the following support services to heirs and estate administrators:

  • Trash-out services: we can help you dispose of any items remaining in the property that you choose not to keep.

  • We have access to and can coordinate contractors, painters, and handymen to get the property into ‘for sale’ shape.

  • Estate sale companies: We have relationships with companies that can help you sell any valuables in the property.

  • We work directly with the administrator of the estate and the estate attorney to ensure everything is handled correctly.

Contact us directly at 619-228-6200 to discuss your situation and details on how we can assist with your estate or probate sale.

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